Thursday, April 13, 2006

sleeping child

I come home after a tiring day at office and throw my bag on the sofa. I am famished and have absolutely no energy to even change or freshen-up. The tv is playing some stupid soaps on the usual saas-bahu squabbles, which makes me even more frustrated. I've had a busy day and all I wanna do is crash. But, all of a sudden, there is a sudden surge in my mood. I see my cute little niece, running towards me. I would have seen anjana( anju) only in the morning and now I am back in high spirits. I know she is eager to meet me for a purpose. Her gestures tell me very clearly that she wants a packet of dairy milk. I instantly, take her out to the shop to get her what she wants. The shopkeeper is all the more excited to see her back again. This means she has already taken someone else to the same place. Very clever kid indeed !!!

The first thing that comes to anybody's mind after seeing the above pic is the pranks she's upto everytime. The graffitis on the wall, water spilt everywhere, bunch of toys scattered all over, its just mess. She has never allowed us to watch tv in peace, and ofcourse who can when the remote is always with her. She even ventures into washing clothes, watering the plants and sweeping the house, all these things which i never want to even think of doing. No wonder my mom says, "awaligiro olle buddhi ninagilla ". When we go out in our car, all that she wants to do is sit in the front and play around with the steering wheel and music system. She has her own set of songs which have to be played. I usually call it a demand show and not a request show! She just loves wild animals and her fondness for them started when she had been to some zoos and studios in the US where she had the privilege of seeing even dinosaurs and dragons!!
This is the photo i took on the day of Sankranti. I even made a photoframe of this. I recall I had taken undue advantage of the situation when I had grabbed all the attention she was getting when I took her out for a walk. For the first time, I felt all girls are looking at me ;-) . I am actually running out of words but yes, she is one girl who instantly makes me feel younger by 20 years !!