Saturday, June 10, 2006

callin elvis

Well, this post was long due and i was wondering why have I taken so much time to update my blog ?? My friends keep blasting me for not keeping up with my pace. I then realised that my previous posts were quite big and that used to make me think ten-folds. So, after a hiatus, here is what I can come up with... somthing real short and something real quick !!!

Just when I am lost in the middle of something at office, I get a call from rags and he breaks the news that he is all set to fly back next week. He had promised to visit this part of the world before he left. Being a man of words ( now is this debatable?), he did make it here and to my surprise, he didnt wanna stay here for a single minute. The stage was all set to go to the so called "playground of america"

It was sat afternoon, pretty late by the usual standards to go to vegas, but nothing could stop us from hitting the most happening place on this God's ( with due apologies ) green earth. It was almost dark by the time we almost reached the place.The best part came when we were on top of a small cliff and had a birds eye view of the city. It was a feast for the eyes to see so much light all around ! For a moment, we felt that this was possible only if the whole world provided electricity to this place. On the contrary, we realised there are villages in India that doesnt even have a light bulb! ( reminds me of swades)

We could hardly wait to get to the so called "strip".. no pun intended though :-) We started walking towards this famous street where all the world's biggest casinos are lined up next to eachother.Each one is unique in its own respect and has marvelous architecture to its credit. We couldnt have imagined in our wildest dreams that such a place existed. We even get visiting cards of the busiest ppl there who are in demand 24/7. I happened to collect some of them, but ultimately didnt have the privilege of meeting them in person :(

Gosh, this is one helluva place where there is nothing that u don't get, provided u have wht u are supposed to have which reminds me of the mask's "u can't make the scene, if u don't have the green.". From gambling to wine to women to betting, u get everything u need ( some of these mentioned here are at ur door step !) and no wonder I started telling everyone that this is the sinner's pilgrimage, the only difference being u leave them behind while u come back !!

trivia : Las vegas is the place where Elvis Presley rose to fame performing at the night clubs ... hence the topic