Wednesday, March 15, 2006

18 till i die

This article is the result of an introspection on the journey we have travelled so far in our lives, the kind of transformations we've been through, the impact we've made on others and vice versa. But, somewhere I feel we have forgotten our basics. We don't have the time to thank God for the wonderful parents, teachers and friends he has given us who are collectively responsible for whatever we are today.

I happened to ask a few people as to which phase of their lives they would want to revisit again and the obvious answer was their teenage or college days. Its not that they have all been failures at present. They have been thriving in whatever they are doing. But, I feel that there is some empty space that we are not able to fill. All of us try to do a variety of things to unwind ourselves from the mundane job we do the whole day. But, even this variety has lost its spice. We try to emulate the so called happening people around. We want to play bowling in amoeba, go pubbing in pecos, do some shopping at the garuda mall or catch a flick at pvr cinemas. We hardly find time to meet our best buddies. We shoot mails on Wednesday regarding plans for the weekend, spend hundreds of rupees in calling and fixing an outing, but still the trip stands cancelled cos 2 of them are working over the weekend. One of my colleagues was telling that he used to spend more than 2k every weekend and he was known to be happening. I feel, we have been forced to enjoy what is recommended by the so called connoisseurs of hedonism.

Going back to our younger years, we all have our fond memories locked up there. I remember during my college days, I didn't have a single penny in my pocket, yet my heart was full. We had no idea of where the happening pub was nor we had seen a bowling alley. We didn't have mobile phones to stay in touch, yet we were closer to more people than we are today. We had the privilege of meeting people from different backgrounds and interests. I used to live in the glory of inspiring and getting inspired. The cultural fetes, competitions, class socials, picnics, they provided all opportunities for us to work together, share our thoughts, know our strengths, identify our soul-mates, etc, etc. I was not bothered as to how much I would be earning in future, whether I would get a beautiful wife, when would I buy an Aston Martin, or a villa in Ibiza. We used to find utmost happiness in each and every trivial thing.

But now, the times have changed. We have become more self-centered. We are no longer concerned about the people around us. "I want to quit my job, cos my friend's friend who hardly got 60% aggregate in his college is getting twice my salary. I want to go to the US to realize my dollar dreams as fast as possible. I want to buy the fanciest mobile and the smallest ipod in the market." These are the thoughts that keep running at the back of our minds always. We hardly speak to any person just as an individual. We identify him on the basis of salary, qualification, how often he changes the mobile handsets or the car he owns. I remember a person who was referring to people as " my IBM friend, my Motorola friend". We are attaching unnecessary tags to every individual due to which less important things are taking center-stage This is just the beginning. Let us relive those days again. Let us not forget how fortunate we are , let us stop complaining and set an example to the next generation. Let me end this with a wonderful phrase by John Lennon which goes like this..."You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one... I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one".

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