Sunday, July 16, 2006

I miss them all !

Missing something? Well, we don't have to be overtly saying yes, cos isn't it quite obvious? We all keep missing so many things. In summer, we miss winter and in winter, we wanna see the bright blue sky . It is like a professional missing his college, a student missing his vacation, a soldier missing his family, a teacher missing his students, a wife missing her parents and a husband missing his ex-gf . Missing isn't something that is constant. At the same time, we haven't realised that we are gaining so many things every moment which is meant to be missed in the future ! At this point even you must be feeling you are missing something. Please feel free to share them in your comments...

The other day,I happened to spot the calendar hooked at my friend's house and realised we were ushering in a series of festivals. Immediately, I felt I started missing something. I realised that I will not be a part of any of these festivities. I started recalling all these special occasions and those wonderful moments.The pick of all celebrations is the Ganesha Chaturti. The idols lined up on streets, people flocked together bargaining on their purchases, shopping malls displaying discount sales, music all over the place, colleges and other institutions decorated, the exuberance is beyond description. In my house, as usual, I am up pretty late by standards. The pooja at my place starts before the sun is out, under the aegis of dj Ash ( alias for Ashwath Shastry). Kadubus, Obbattus, Paanaka are on the house this day. Evenings I could see myself curiously expecting some chicks in their traditional attires coming home and singing songs probably to impress my mom ( you know why !!) . Then the attractions for the evening are the musical concerts and processions on every street which includes exclusive pelvic thrusts by some elite local talents, who assume the road is their stage... I miss them all !

I cannot forget the day I used to wait without sleeping for weeks, the day where I knew I would be flaunting my new attire, the day where I would be seeing light everywhere, the day where I would see happy faces all around, the day where our olfactory senses are inclined towards the kitchen, the day where we celebrate victory over evil, the day where we forget life, the day where happiness and joy is in the air, the day where children are bursting crackers, elders are lighting lamps, and grandparents are sitting in their portico remembering their childhood, the day where we meet our loved ones, the day where Gods would like to leave their hometown and come down for a while...I miss them all !

There are so many others to name. We are in August and I have realised that it is Upakarma. This was the only day where I used to do my Sandhyavandanam without levity. Next is the birthday celebration our ineffable home Diety who is the provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion. Who can miss out the day indicating the offset of a new year. This is the day where the sweet and bitter are consumed together as a cynosure of endurance. The list goes on and on with Dussera, Durgashtami and marriage occasions of loved ones... I miss them all !


Gowtham said...


first, thanks for enabling comment feature, so that me (and people like me) can dump our mental trash here.

now, to the things i miss and don't miss (in no particular order of preference)

1. veena store idli vade chow chow bhat
2. namma aithalara bisi bele bhat, masala dose, etc
3. balaji upahar in basavangudi -- not so much for food but for the wide spectrum of *people* i used to get to see while eating something. Idli-vade section-nalli haLE kaalada mahiLeyaru, traditionally dressed heNNu makkaLiu; on the fruit-salad/ice-cream section-nalli hi-tech heNNu makkaLu -- amidst all these, a pleasant cool breeze carrying the unique fragrance of fresh veggies and flowers... and silenTaagi hand-mouth coordination to please my tummy... swarga alle ittu :)
4. festivals - yes and no. namma maneli devaru barthaa iddiddu ellaara mane aadmEle - and pooje maaDovaaga nammappa kelasakke baarada yaavudo vishaya discuss maaDtha iddiddu, stock market -nalli infy listing yOchane maaDtha iddiddu - felt more like waste of time than pooje. but food (often specific/special) during festivals -- always jai
5. marriage occasions - definitely yes for all the running around involved, especially while on the bride's side. but the amount of food people waste, definitely no - used to (and still) feel pissed off about such things. thinnakke aagade idda mEle elege/thaTTege yaake haakiskothaa iddaru annOdu ivatthinavaregoo artha aggilla.
6. many more...

timing of your article / writing is near perfect for me - i could make a list of things i missed and try not miss them in the next 40 days...

ondu complaintu -- swalpa frequentaagi baredare jana Odi khushi paTTu appreciate maaDthaare
innondu complaintu -- put a decent full face focussed photo in your profile (you know where) and stop messing with it...

have fun!

Prashanth said...

cool man... this is not a comment, its a post !! i do agree with u when it comes to wastage of food...
i dont think u have been to raghavendra ( next to mvm railway station) idli store.. make sure u go this time... its yummm !!

Gowtham said...

lol -- you asked people to list the things they miss while commenting -- i am just following author's orders :)

will keep that place in mind - thanks yo!


SimblyDimply said...

Interesting blog! Here is what I miss:

1. Listening to appa's "Yelu, olle konad thara bidkondidya innu"

2. Shouting at mummy for coffee, -"halaad manelli ondhu coffee sigallva"

3. Ginjing ajji for extra pocket money -"Appa kodoodhe illa, yellaru hogtha iddare pikcharge"

4. Habbad dina mane angala yella toldhu, rangoli haako exercise with all kids in the road..must say some rangolis looked like mangled worms.

5. Sly romance with pakkad mane huduga, kitki "iNkings" and keeping track of avanu yaavag bandha and hodha et al!

6. Local "beats" with bayz, discussing everything from raagas to rogas!

7. Lastly, kuntobille; man this game nalli I was puntar.. iga life nalli kuntohang agidhe..

Thanks for writing this post - I re-lived a lot of years in just a couple of minutes.

Anonymous said...
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Sree said...

en maga full commentsu! not bad at all:))
yaakO neen nann ideas kadeetya annstide! nostalgia bagge ond post haakaNa ankotidde monne thaane:)
lovely post man...n idannella illE nammUrnallE iddu kaLkotideevi naavgaLu - dats even worse...ond CTR beNNe masalege eshT sketch haakbEko! In a way its good to be away - aaga u atleast realie its absence n subsequently the value. illa andre drifting away wt the flow aagbiDutte...

aahaa, nimmammanna impress maaDoke babes bandu haaDtidraa! idakken kammi illa:))

:exclusive pelvic thrusts by some elite local talents, who assume the road is their stage" nimm maari kaNN performance nenapaagtide;))

surya said...

hey neat one.... well thinking bout somene i am really missing.....

It has to be uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

happy friendship day!!!!!

Warrior poet said...

good post ! the "missing part" in the first para was irrelevant, ignore the first para and its beautiful esp i was laughing for DJ Ash